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Tales From The Edwardian Ball ~ Miss Kitty’s First Time

Tales From The Edwardian Ball

Last year was the first year I attended the Edwardian Ball. Not one to do things in halves, I decided to get a hotel in the city and go to both nights… with both my lovers, who had never met each other. What do you expect from a girl whose favourite Gorey tale was “The Curious Sofa”, after all?

The first night we dressed straight out of Neverland — I was Wendy Darling, showing my partner, Michael Darling, and my girlfriend, the Bear, through the mechanical wonders and musical delights of Edwardian Ball. Really, the Bear had been to the Ball before, and so she tugged us through this room and that, all three of us laughing and pointing, eyes wide. Children in a candy store had nothing on us that first night, as we drank in the splendid gowns, the dapper dandies, rode the merry-go-round of bicycles and danced to fantastic tunes. We sipped gin cocktails, kissed each other, and eventually fell, exhausted and happy, into our warm beds.

Over The Moon

The second night was one for more elegant dress. With corsets cinched and gloves on, we swept our way into the Ball to find it transformed for dancing. I particularly enjoyed the curiosities on display- there’s not enough medical oddities in jars at parties anymore, I say, but maybe I’m alone in that belief. I was quite honoured to have a chat with Professor Elemental, who I managed to persuade to steal away later for further adventures in the heart of San Francisco… but that’s another story for another time.

Sadly, this tale ends, as a Gorey tale should, with a bit of heartbreak — the lovers and I are no longer, each of us gone our separate ways. The Edwardian Ball, however, began a flirtation with me that night that was not so easily broken. We will meet again, I am certain, on some dark and delirious night…

Some dark & delirious night…

Miss Stryker is a Lady Explorer of the Sexual Psyche, as well as a Mistress of the Telegraph for the Purposes of Community Entertainment and Edification. She is the Founding Member of Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society, and writes at Purrversatility, a Thrilling Serial Account of her Adventures.


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