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Tales From The Edwardian Ball ~ The Corset Model

Tales From The Edwardian Ball

The Edwardian Ball is, hands down, one of my favorite events of the year. People far and wide spend months planning their costumes and really pull out all the stops. It’s amazing to see so many old friends and newcomers, all gathered together in one great ballroom, dressed in their finest dapper drapery.

The Ball’s theme—the maudlin and macabre stories of writer and illustrator Edward Gorey—is specific and broad enough to give room for a wild range of creativity while at the same time assuring that the costumery feels cohesive and storied in congress. It’s truly a feast for the eyes. And that’s just the attendees! Then there are the decorations, the musicians, acrobatics, dancers, and models. All together it makes for a magical experience like no other.

Photo ©2012 Audrey Penven

Dark Garden Corsetry

For the last several years I’ve been fortunate enough to model for Dark Garden Corsetry’s fashion show at the Ball. Each year, the incredibly talented craftspeople at Dark Garden create a new selection of corsets, drawing their inspiration as much from the work of Edward Gorey as from the unique finery of the Ball itself. The results are often surprising, and always stunning.

I feel so blessed to get to wear such exquisite hand-made garments both on and off the stage. And while I get a number of opportunities throughout the year to model at other events, the Edwardian Ball is the only night on which the costumes worn by the attendees frequently rival those of the models! When I come off stage to mingle and ogle, I never feel as if I’m over dressed. I feel as though I’m amongst peers.

Dark Garden at the Edwardian Ball 2011 - Photo ©2011 Neil Girling / The Blight

Many people I know are well on their way to piecing together the magic that will be their garb for this year’s Ball. As I write this, the talented women at Dark Garden are busy preparing a bounty of new ensembles, each exquisite piece designed to compliment and accentuate one another, to delight and inspire, and to seduce.

Every year I wait in anticipation of the wonders that await us all at the Edwardian Ball. What will Dark Garden come up with? What will you come up with? What magic will we all create together?

I can’t wait to find out.

Riding the Cyclecide Ferris Wheel - Photo @2011 Neil Girling / The Blight

Whitney Moses is a local massage therapist, Pilates instructor, singer, dancer, and all around ham. At The Edwardian Ball you can find her on stage modeling for Dark Garden’s corset fashion show.

Photos by Audrey Penven and Neil Girling / The Blight


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