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Tales From The Edwardian Ball ~ Spirits On The Staircase

Tales From The Edwardian Ball

[Bonnie is the creator of Owl Tree Healings, the amazing Tarot and tincture corner in our Museum of Wonders last year. Once we heard her haunting Edwardian Tale, we knew that we had to share it with you. Dim the lights, and enjoy. –Ed.]

Few people know this, but the Regency Ballroom—the current home of the Edwardian Ball—was originally built as a Masonic Hall. My booth at the Ball is located in the northwest corner of the Regency’s fifth-floor “Lodge”, near the entrance to the Red Ballroom—the very place where the Masons once held their secret initiation rites.

Masonic initiation

On the ceiling of this room there is a discreet trapdoor, through which the Masons would drop initiates without warning, in order to terrify them. Nowadays this area is very pleasant, and you’d never guess its secret past just by looking at it.

As a healer however, I am especially sensitive to energies, and I’ve often felt the presence of spirit in that area of the building. The stairwell, for example, which leads up to the room above the trapdoor (and which now serves as my dressing room), is filled with residual energy. Passing through the narrow stairway, the air feels uncommonly thick and heavy, like walking through an invisible resistance.

@2010 Shalaco

It was in this place that I had a truly remarkable experience last year.

It happened late Saturday night. This was the second night of the Ball and my second night conducting 4 hours of nearly non-stop readings. As such, I was rooted in the trance state more than usual. During these times, the veil between the spirit world and ours becomes very thin. Indeed, during earlier readings of the evening I had already begun to notice that I was receiving more audible information from spirit.

I could feel their energies gathering around the booth and around me, wanting to peer in and to be involved.

Owl Tree Healings - ©2012 Steve Payne

Several soft voices were prompting me to ask specific, unrelated questions of my clients that had nothing to do with our current reading. The spirits were quite insistent so I obliged. Much to my client’s amazement these questions were incredibly accurate, detailing personal information about which it was absolutely impossibile for me to have known.

It was not long after this that I saw them.

There were apparitions of a dozen or so men, sitting and standing near and on the small stairway adjacent to our booth. They were wearing different period clothing, some in old-fashioned suits, some in uniform, and some in western wear. They were gathered peacefully and simply appeared to be intently watching our readings, like moths to a flame.


At one point, I spoke directly to them and thanked them for their interest and assistance. They seemed content and jovial, very much like children who unexpectedly got to play for a night. As eerie as one might think such a visitation might seem, their palpable contentment was actually quite a calming feeling.

The visitors stayed with us for some time, flickering in and out of our peripheral view until the very last of the night’s sessions. But even after they vanished entirely, their masculine energy and musky scents remained, lingering in the heady, Edwardian air.

Bonnie Duque

Owl Tree Healings offers spiritual guidance and insight into your life path by exploring your “root-system” through the ancient arts of Tarot and Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils. Bonnie Duque, born into a family of intuits and healers, including a widely-respected Mexican-Indian Curandera (folk healer/shaman), has been a natural channel for psychic energy since childhood. Bonnie has been reading Tarot for 25 years and brings a depth of insight and personal wisdom to every session. Owl Tree Healings was featured at the 2012 Edwardian Ball (SF/LA), 2010 Noise Pop Treasure Island Music Festival and maintains an ongoing practice in San Francisco at EHS Pilates Studio.


Photos by Shalaco and Steve Payne


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