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Tales From The Edwardian Ball ~ The Returning Guests

Tales From The Edwardian Ball
[In the post a letter we lately were sent / Containing a Tale of our Edwardian event / It told of four friends from a far away state / We hope you enjoy it — we think it’s quite great. –Ed.]
The Letter (click to enlarge)

On wet-drizzled streets – dark, damp, and droll,
a motley form took shape, a spectre formed whole.

Four tropical birds, who bask in the heat,
feathers now ruffled, blown in from the East.

Can Can Dancers at The Edwardian Ball - ©2012 Marco Sanchez

With tickets in hand, and costumes for all,
they entered the world of the Edwardian Ball.

Rain could not stop them nor cold nor sleet,
they strode lightly in to their velvet-lined seats.

Vau de Vire Society at the Edwardian Ball 2011 - ©2011 Neil Girling / The Blight

Breathless! Speechless! Fearless! – they gazed:
The finery, the millinery, creativity ablaze!

Quickening their steps, but go which way?
Split up in pairs, or together to stay?

Card Games at The Edwardian Ball - ©2012 Marco Sanchez

The games of the Midway got their first look,
then on to the green stage, a funny flipbook.

Hopped on the old bikes, a merry-go-ride,
for ten spins, now head-spins, they stumbled astride.

Cyclecide Bicycle Carousel - ©2012 Audrey Penven

Rush to the cellar, a fine market downstairs,
selling corsets and top hats, and hand-crafted wares.

“Upstairs! Upstairs! Close the cage lift door!”
Malvoye! Tall Paul! Steamworks and more!

Malvoye The Mentalist - ©2010 Josh Reiss

Inspired by the hard work and ideas of the Ball,
they flew back to Florida, sunshine and sprawl.

A circus they created, a trash carnival,
called “Circus Basura”, they opened last fall.

Circus Basura

Fierce winds grow stronger, four birds soon alight,
soaring to wet hills and fog-shrouded heights.

“To follow a dream, just dress in your best,
soon you will be there, a Returning Guest…”

The Returning Guests
As Midwesterners who now live in the tropics of South Florida, Misselaineous (Elaine Scantlen) and Jack Trash (John McNulty) like to remind themselves what it was like to wear wool and coats as much as possible. Misselaineous is a  milliner who loves the creativity and ideas of the Edwardian Ball, and Jack Trash likes the work and organization people put into the event.

After the inspiration of their first attendance last year, Elaine and Jack, along with their Edwardian Ball partners Brian and Amy Weiner, created Circus Basura, a full-on circus completely made out of junk and recycled materials. They just wrapped up a two-month long Day of the Dead-themed circus in Fort Lauderdale, and all four are very excited to return for another great Edwardian Ball.

Photos by Audrey PenvenBruce AlmbergCurious Josh, Marco Sanchez, and Neil Girling / The Blight


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