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Art & Performance

We are always excited to discover new art and performance and encourage those interested in participating in future events, please let us know here.


Visual Art

High quality art wanted for participation in The Edwardian Ball.


Artworks accepted include drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, assemblage, collage, interactive and installation media, in all sizes.


Works must be original. Style reference points include Victorian, steampunk, retrofuturist, gothic, vaudeville, circus, and of course our muse, Edward Gorey.


Think: Bones, taxidermy, natural sciences inspired, unusual or vintage knick knack, beauty, corsets, humorously dark narratives, inventive machines, decorative filigree, fairy tales, witchy wonders, art nouveau, art deco, romantic antique, carney oddities, carnival clowns, strange parades, mystical mechanics, spooky spiritualism...


The Color Palette: When thinking about the color palette, we lean toward illuminated dark elegance, warm hues and metallic tones, shadow and light.

Applications to our next event open soon!


The Edwardian Ball seeks performers of all stripes - music, dance, theatre, circus… the elegant, odd, curious, and unusual… for stages, ambient performance, and immersive environments. Please share your art with us!

The Edwardian Ball 2022, Photo by Robin Fadke (5).jpg
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