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Edwardian Ball Posters by Chuck Sperry

The Edwardian Ball is proud to feature an original poster design by globally-acclaimed artist Chuck Sperry.

Chuck Sperry lives in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, where he’s made his particular style of rock poster designs for over 20 years. He operates Hangar 18, a silkscreen print studio, located in Oakland.


Sperry works in San Francisco, but exhibits internationally from Athens to Argentina, Bristol to Belgrade (visited Belgrade at the invitation of The Cultural Minster of Serbia). By conducting workshops and lectures all over the planet, Sperry’s tutelage has inspired a new generation of rock poster and silkscreen artists worldwide.

His artwork has been exhibited at leading art institutions including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and Fort Wayne Museum of Art; his prints have been archived in the collections of the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, The Oakland Museum of California, The Fort Wayne Museum of Art, San Francisco Public Library (Main Branch), the United States Library of Congress, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Chuck Sperry has honed the craft of designing and hand screen printing for over 20 years to become recognized throughout the world as one of the foremost rock poster artists and printmakers. Elevating the craft to fine art, Sperry creates socio-political artwork beyond rock. He adheres to the ideal that beauty strengthens his message.


A limited number of these signed and numbered pieces, along with posters from past years are available for purchase. If you are interested, please contact

Edwardian Ball Wine - Rutherford's Wonder, 2014 Alexander Valley Malbec


All travels share notions of journey and destination, each of which holds greater weight in revolving consideration. 


And with that, the regal Rutherford contemplated (all at once and less of a sudden) a place of grandeur, elegance, and celebration. Furious scribbles assuaged his temptation, a paradox of it's own. “So it shall be!” and the door opened…


So please, enjoy this first offering from The Edwardian Ball. Pour a glass and contemplate that which is laid out before you, cellared and bottled by our compatriots at Flagship Cellars and brought to us by our friends at Spicy Vines.


"My favorite journey is looking out the window." - Edward Gorey

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