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The Edwardian Ball Vendor Bazaar

Saturday, February 4th - 12:00-5:00pm


In addition to our evening events, we are also offering a FREE daytime opportunity to peruse our widely renowned Vendor Bazaar. The Edwardian Ball Vendor Bazaar carefully curates the finest artisans, craftspeople, and merchants to make sure that you attend the Ball (and all your days thereafter) in the most exquisite style.

Discover fashion, accessories, gifts, crafts, and more. This daytime event is FREE and open to the public, and offers a quieter endeavor without the delightful hubbub of our evening events. All ages are welcome. Full bar available for 21+.

Announcing our 2023 Vendors!

Jennifer Jeanne Landon

Hats, headpieces, gloves and various accessories

Holzer & Combe Haberdashery

19th century clothing and accessories for men and women

Mischief Masks

Leather masks and accessories


Handmade high quality leather belts, bags, holsters, clothing and accessories

Kai Martin Art & Sean Dietrich Art

Original artwork, prints, clothing, and merchandise

Singletree, Inc.

Handcrafted hats, handmade hair-spirals and etched metalwork


Handmade, upcycled leather and fabric costumery and accessories


Leather hats and acessories

Infinity Coven

Magical items for witches of all types - tools, jewelry, apparel, candles, herbs, crystals, capes, hats and so much more!

Of Elsewhere

Handmade jewelry, tintypes and prints of creatures that are delightfully whimsical and creepy

RuMel Creations

Handmade hats and bags, inspired by historical designs

Sonas San Francisco

Unique men’s & women’s clothing with an Edwardian Rock n' Roll vibe


Hand-soldered glass pendants featuring original, found images up-cycled from damaged books, vintage dictionaries, and other printed materials


Bespoke handmade, old Hollywood inspired luxury loungewear, robes and accessories

Dreamtender Leather

Artisan leather apparel and accessories with a modern victorian flair

Altar Ego Design

Jewelry, art, antiques, crystal beadwork, and taxidermy


Edwardian dresses, lingerie and accessories

5 Stranded Fairy Tales

Unique and decorative hair braids

Blue Moon Inspired

LED lighted headdress + millinery percher hats

Chi Stylezs

Hand crafted leather accessories, jewelry, & vintage

Blue Moon Designs

Utility and light-up accessories for everyBODY

De La Luna Designs

Redesigned, unique vintage pieces that tell a story

Time Trinkets

Steampunk jewelry for men & women

Escama Studio

Metallic 'chain mail' kimonos, jackets, and dresses crocheted from up-cycled soda tabs

Feline Oracle

Spirit Boards for your cat, tarot decks, illustrative art and prints in a strong neo-victorian aesthetic and sensibility

Griffin Wings

Clothing and accessories for men & women


Ethical clothing and accessories with an original style made from leather, recycled tire art, and original printed fabrics.

Electric Moon

Handmade jewelry, decor, accessories

Enby Fae Fashion

Nongendered, one-of-a-kind play clothes and accessories for grown-ups


Victorian and Edwardian sentimental and mourning jewelry

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